Naruto Chapter 665 – Naruto Manga 665 Scans

I can’t say with any certainty that naruto 665 the eldest ever achieved Rikudo-tier nor would it make him immortal. The only facts we have is that Zetsu was cultivated by the Gedo Mazo with Hashirama’s clone as the template and that they more or less immortal as they don’t need to eat or sleep. I suppose the most sensible question would be why would either son (or Zetsu) save Sasuke?


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665


We know the effects of the techniques and neither of them prevent the target from moving. I’m not arguing against the grain, I’m arguing in support of what was actually shown. My “justification” is the fact that we have already seen both those techniques used before without prevents the target from escaping AND the implication that Madara was the one directing things with Obito. There only no evidence if you completely ignore pass showing of those very same techniques. And the reason was already clearly stated, allowing him to succeed without needing to lift a finger or endanger himself against someone who could actually have killed him. Hashirama barely won, which is kind of the point. We were outright shown that when they both went all out, it was pretty much to the limit and the winner decided by fortune. I brought up Onoki and Muu because it shows that even outnumbered by “top tier shinobi”, Madara has an easy time. It’s hardly as if he woul have had to deal with more then a handful of such ninjas upon attacking the village, as we have seen time and again. And given that merely using his prefect Susanoo is enough to destroy mountains and lay waste akin to a Bijuu, taking on an entire village would be child’s play. And as mentioned, the only reason stated for his lack of mobility later on in life was due to being so near death. No other problems were mentioned. When Kushina wasn’t dying, she could detain the Kyuubi and go off to have a heart to heart with Naruto without any problems, so clearly a “break in focus” wasn’t an issue. Akatsuki used a different technique and weren’t dragging anything into it. Obito never struggled with dragging the Bijuus in, so that would support the counterargument. The only time we have seen anyone have trouble using the chakra chains were when they were dying and nearly out of chakra. That would make it an exception, not the standard.

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