Naruto 663 Shippuden – Sage Healing Jutsu

Kurama seemed like he gave Gaara a message read the latest naruto 663 manga shippuden.
The naruto 663 English scans online. naruto manga 663 chapter has been released by mangazone and available in this site for viewing.
click the naruto 663 scans below to read the whole naruto 663 chapter.

Another thought, Kurama seemed like he gave Gaara a message during the last pages, perhaps this is a farewell gift to Naruto, a way to keep the host alive, something only the Bijou and the Great Sage of the 6 paths knew about.
A way to save Naruto, after Kurama has beeing forced out of Naruto’s body.This would also show once and for all, that Kurama has started to care about Naruto, and not only corporate with him to save his own neck.One final step, to fully create and connect the bridge of trust and friendship between Naruto and Kurama, a fitting timing and end, be it temporary or permanent in the long run.

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663 manga

If naruto does anything “epic” with his own abilities it will be a complete ass pull. he never trains in ninjutsu, taijutsu, sage arts or even genjutsu dispersal. his whole fighting style is based around rasengan, clones and power ups. if he suddenly starts pulling wind and sage jutsu out of his ass that hes never studied or trained for it will complete bullshit and an insult to us fans. whats the point of showing narutos real abilities at the end of the manga? theres no point. naruto is juist gonna get the dark half of the kyuubi from minato. my guess for the end of the manga is naruto gets the tailed beasts sealed in him and sasuke gets the rinnengan and they beat madara, then some lovey dovey BS. i just hope naruto ends up with hinata and not sakura.

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